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The Sea Trust Wales

Sea Trust Wales is set in the perfect location at Goodwick’s seafront Ocean Lab building, opened in 2013 by Cliff Benson and a team of enthusiastic local volunteers. An organisation not only dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our imminent ocean but our residents too.

In 2019 the Sea Trust was registered as a charity and have been raising awareness ever since and have dedicated their work to local marine wildlife , the passion and dedication is clear to see.

The sea trust’s existence relies on tourism and funding, much of that local. Thankfully since 2013 local enthusiasts, businesses and organisations have enabled the Sea trust team to continue their incredible work studying marine life.

Anna Elliott, the project manager, and the team are passionate about the future of the Sea Trust and have many plans to grow by opening the first National marine heritage centre dedicated to their work and an interactive museum, soft play area and café.

Sea Trust interior

The Sea Trust Future Is Bright

Sea Trust Octopus

Health and wellbeing are at the forefront of our minds in 2021, the Sea trust works with local organisations such as PAVS to offer training to local individuals, to improve their well-being by connecting with nature, enjoying the Pembrokeshire coastline, and learning about the environment and our marine wildlife  is a most positive experience.

Sea Trust also partners with Pembrokeshire College and universities and offers students from all over the world internships. Most of their interns are marine biology students that are looking for practical experience to complement their degrees. Whilst volunteering with Sea Trust, the interns become part of the community. , This enriches our local community by putting us on the global map, enticing international visitors to the area.

Working closely with local schools and other organisations, they will embrace the chance to plan a whale workshop Roadshow, where life size models of these magnificent creatures would be available for the children to explore and learn more about.

Other very exciting projects in the pipeline, welk fishing provides a living for local fishermen and the sea trust are working with them to design a more sustainable bait bag, as they can accidently blow overboard and entrap sea life and wash up on our shores. This is an exciting partnership between Bangor University and Macduff Shellfish

The future of this organisation and business is looking bright, we look forward to the freedom once more to support what is here for our enjoyment.

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